Can we make him governor or senator? Webster Parish Tax Assessor Morris Guin RETURNS another 500k in taxes for a total of $2 million: Opinion

Yes, you read the headline right. A tax assessor - in this case Morris Guin of Webster Parish - returned another $500,000 in property taxes to the pockets of the people of Webster Parish. This brings the total he has given back to approximately $2 million, and this makes the fourth time Guin  cut taxes since assuming the position of tax assessor in 2011.

When does a tax assessor give back money? The answer is almost never. Shouldn't we be hiring Morris Guin to run the state's finances, too?

Guin said the people of Webster Parish do not "live lavishly," and he wanted to show the people that the parish struggles with them by becoming leaner and more efficient.

According to Tax Assessor Guin, being a "good steward" of the public's finances is his greatest responsibility. “We continue to be good stewards of the funds that are received for operating the Assessor’s Office by striving to continually improve our efficiency in operations and effectiveness in serving out Webster Parish citizens," he added.

Here's hoping Morris Guin remains in a position of authority allowing him to return money to the people for a long time to come.